Wide-Row Wheat Production

  Wide-row wheat production (15-inch row width) is a consideration for farmers who may not own or maintain a drill.  Additionally, wide-row wheat allows for the opportunity to interseed soybean prior to wheat harvest.  With  funding from the Ohio Small Grains Marketing Program, we have evaluated wide-row wheat production for two years.  Generally, wheat produced in 15-inch row width yields less than wheat produced in 7.5-inch row width.  However, the response to row width is variety dependent, so we recommend using the Ohio State Wheat Performance Test for 15-inch row width to help guide variety selection when producing wide-row wheat.


Ohio State Wheat Performance Test for 15-Inch Row Spacing

Effect of Row Width, Variety, and Seeding Rate on Wide-Row Wheat (2013 and 2014)

Effect of Variety Selection and Nitrogen Rate on Wide-Row Wheat (2013)