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  1. Ohio Soybean Performance Trials: Henry Co. and Preble Co. Yield Results

    Oct 19, 2020

    Henry County and Preble County results of the 2020 Ohio Soybean Performance Trials are available online here: https://stepupsoy.osu.edu/sites/hcs-soy/files/2020%20OSPT_N1_S1%20results_0.pdf

    Results from the other trial locations will be added as harvest and data analysis continues.

  2. tiller counts

    Revised Winter Malting Barley Guide Available

    Feb 13, 2020

    The revised Management of Ohio Winter Malting Barley guide is now available. The revised guide includes updated seeding rate and soil fertility recommendations.

  3. 2019 Ohio Soybean Performance Trial- All Yield Results Available

    Oct 28, 2019

    All yield results of the 2019 Ohio Soybean Performance Trials are now available here.

    The report will be updated with seed size, protein, and oil in the upcoming weeks.