On-Farm Research

Boots on the Ground: On-Farm Research Protocol

This on-farm research protocol was initiated in 2019 with funding from the North Central Soybean Research Program. In 2019, across the Midwest, the 'improved' soybean management system resulted on-average in a 5 bu/acre increase in yield and $51/acre in additional profit. For the full 2019 report click here.

The goal of this on-farm research project is to compare yield and profitability of two soybean systems:

  1. Improved System: 
    • Plant soybean the end of April or early May
    • 130,000 seeds/acre seeding rate
    • Spray foliar fungicide + foliar insecticide at the R3 growth stage
  2. Standard System:
    • Plant three weeks later than the improved system
    • 160,000 seeds/acre seeding rate
    • NO foliar fungicide + foliar insecticide application
We are targeting specific areas of Ohio:

Ohio Map

Field Layout:
  • Three replications of treatments (total of six strips)
  • Width of strip will depend on sprayer and combine width (want a "clean" combine pass through the center of each strip)
  • Length of strips- At least 300 ft

plot layout


Ohio State University:

  • Provide trial layout
  • Collect in-season measurements (soil fertility analysis, stand count, and canopy cover)
  • Provide foliar fungicide and insecticide (if needed)


  • Plant and spray treatments
  • Provide yield data (as digitial yield files or weigh wagon)

All data will be kept confidential.

Interested? Please contact Laura Lindsey (lindsey.233@osu.edu) or your county extension educator.